What is Plant Replay?

Plant Replay, by Tamaki Control, is an award winning module developed to extend the functionality of Ignition, the software platform by Inductive Automation. Once implemented, the Plant Replay module allows operators, managers, or plant engineers to go to any HMI client in a plant and replay exactly what was happening at any time – days, weeks, or months in the past. Real-time clients become excellent troubleshooting and training tools when users can playback the screens that are used on a daily basis.

Ignition offers unlimited history built into the license, and Plant Replay is a great way to fully utilize and visualize that data. All trends, devices, alarms, operator actions, and program messages have the potential to be replayed. Plant Replay easily integrates into any project using the replay controller, and just like ignition, it comes with unlimited 2-hour trial periods so that you can test the module before you decide to buy it. Check out our case studies and watch our training videos for more details on how to create a project with replay!

Watch Our Training Videos to Learn More!


Learn about Tamaki Control's Plant Replay and how to install the Ignition Module.


Learn the basic setup of Plant Replay in the designer and how to configure the replay controller.


Learn a more advanced setup of Plant Replay using indirection. Dynamically implement the replay controller by building it into a template.